Right now, I’m sitting at my laptop having just got in the door at 5pm. I’ve whizzed straight upstairs to wash my hair (it hasn’t been washed since Monday — urgh) and I haven’t even popped the kettle on yet but am already powering up to continue working into the night because on top of the 9-5, I’m a boss… a parent boss.

It’s not easy. Managing all these hats is hard. Geez, most days I feel like I make the Mad Hatter look sane but you know what — you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and I am most definitely doing it for the kid (and me, I’m not going to lie).

The reason I am straight onto more work mode as soon as I get in the door is because I need to work on my business, I need to get it out there and in front of people’s faces to say, “hey, I can help you”, because I can. That’s what my business is all about. I help busy parent bosses with this crazy mad digital world and digital never sleeps – not even for the business owner.

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital recently and how so many people struggle with where to start and what to do, so I’ve pulled together some tips to help you get digital like a boss — a parent boss.

It never sleeps

Why oh why don’t they ever sleep? Where did nap times go? What nap times??

I’ve heard and said this stuff loads in my three years of parenthood so far and digital is the same. The internet is always on, always buzzing. You’ll know from secretly checking Instagram in bed at 11pm that there is always someone posting, tweeting, commenting. It’s alive all the time.

For your business to get out there and be a success you need to think like a live-wired toddler and be on it. It’s difficult when you’re managing everything else but there are apps and tools in place that can cut your planning time down meaning more time to enjoy that cup of tea that always goes cold.

It’s always hungry

Much like a growing toddler that doesn’t want to eat its tea but will always want a biscuit, the digital world is hungry… constantly… for biscuits.

It wants you to have the sweet taste of success and provides all the tools for you to do it — it wants your website, your social musings, your products. Just like meal planning for your fussy eater you’ve got to be on your game and thinking ahead.

Get planning how you want your business to be noticed online – what are you must haves, where is your audience. Do your research and plan it all out. Always think of the next meal (you can even include star stickers if you want).

It’s unpredictable

“But I thought you liked dinosaurs?”


You know when one minute something’s their absolute favourite and the next minute it’s lying at the bottom of the toy box or thrown into a corner discarded and unloved?

Social Media is the same.

Ever noticed how you’ll have 700 followers one day and the next day you’re back to 683? What the? It’s unpredictable but the best way to combat this is not to fall prey to the numbers game. Keep your content original and engaging for your followers — the right ones will stick around. The ones that fall by the wayside you don’t need or want at your tea party on the carpet. Trust me.

It’s messy

I’ve always been a fan of messy play. It’s a great experience for little ones but also for parents too as you have to get your hands (and sometimes face) dirty. Websites can be a bit like this. You’ve really got to get involved and think about what it is you want. Your website is your calling card, the prized picture up on the fridge.

There is no such thing as “a simple website” — it is so much more than that so it’s really important that you outline exactly what you want on your website. It’s way more strategic than you think and there is a lot to consider. Take your time. Make it great.

I know all this stuff can feel like a bit of a minefield. It’s enough to make an already busy brain go pop but it can be done. You can make digital work for your business. Think of mastering online marketing as the toddler battle you want to win and you will WIN! #gameface

Go get ‘em.

Photograph by Francesca Tortora.

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