My name is Lucinda Hutton. I run Nurturing Mums postnatal courses and online store as well as Barnet & Whetstone Mums. I’m also a self-employed lawyer for a PR firm 10-15 hours a week, oh and I’m a wife, sister, daughter… and mother a toddler who is just about to turn 2.

I never intended to become self-employed or run my own business. I was a lawyer for a city firm until I had my son in December 2014 but due to crazy work hours and ultimately, his health complications, I took the plunge into running Nurturing Mums when my son was just 5 months old.

I am an absolute night owl so am angry about being woken up pretty much every day whether it’s by an alarm clock, my son or my husband. I aim to get up just before my son if I can so that I can have a good social media scroll, check the Daily Mail Sidebar of Shame and respond to any urgent emails. To be honest, there are rarely ‘urgent urgent’ emails, but I’m just crap at letting go of my phone and a sense of urgency in relation to everything I do is engrained in me from my legal practice.

The very first part of the day can feel quite challenging as — due to my son’s lung condition — he is often sick when he wakes up. It can all be a bit stressful for us both, but we just get on with it. I often grab a YESMUM card for a moment of calm! By 8.30 I’ve put a wash on, emptied the dishwasher and had a coffee (with perhaps another insta scroll / story or post thrown in for good measure) whilst my son destroys plays in the playroom.

My mornings are work time. I’m very lucky to have my cousin help with childcare a few mornings a week while my wonderful part-time assistant Helen helps me out at Nurturing Mums HQ (i.e. my home office — it’s our spare room and is full of stock for the Nurturing Mums Store!) Work tends to be a mixture of blogging and the admin that goes into running postnatal courses across 6 parts of London. I often attend Nurturing Mums sessions in person and am busy connecting with other brands and postnatal professionals.

In ‘the office’ there is coffee and chatter and Spotify is always on. Our favourite playlist is “Feel Good Friday” any day of the week! I rarely manage to get more than 3 things ticked off my usual 20-item-list before my son’s home which means while he goes down for a nap in the afternoon I get back to the grind. I might be packing up shop orders, posting on social media and occasionally have a nap myself.

By the time my husband gets home from work I’m usually on my knees with exhaustion. My son gets handed over, I pour a glass of wine, run a bath and watch an episode of something I fancy on Netflix. After dinner I tend to catch up on work for at least another hour.

I feel bad for checking through emails and engaging with social media while my son is in the house. I know I need to switch off more when I’m in mum-mode so I’m going to invest in a work phone and take all my work accounts off my personal mobile. I’ve also started to sleep with my phone outside of the room so I can’t check it!

Top of my personal to-do-list right now is a holiday. I need a holiday. Due to my son having been on oxygen we haven’t been able to fly anywhere for over a year. And professionally, we are crowdfunding in order to raise funds to launch our postnatal courses in 5 new London locations next year so I’m working really hard on that. We are also aiming to raise the profile of our online store and showcasing all the amazing small brands on there.

My son makes me remember not to take life too seriously and that includes work. His health issues have shown me that there’s little in life that is worth getting that stressed about (not to say I don’t get anxious, I do!).

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