As a celebrant and life coach I have quite a broad range of interests, as do most freelance parents I meet. Podcasts are the perfect way for me to feel informed and inspired both personally and professionally. I’m such a big podcast advocate in fact, that I actually used to co-host a podcast myself called Bookish Blether but it’s on hiatus at the moment because — since having a baby in January — I’ve read two books this year and that makes for extremely boring book-related chat.

Podcasts are particularly brilliant for us time-poor parents. We all know how hard it is to find an opportunity to read those books and articles we’ve saved for when we ‘get five minutes’ — but when will those glorious minutes finally arrive?!? Plus, they’re a great replacement for some of that knowledge sharing you might get if you worked in-house.

But the real joy of podcasts is that you can listen any time, anywhere — while you’re doing the dishes, wheeling the baby round the block hoping they’ll nap a little longer, having a boring admin day or getting wrinkly toes in the bath. Here are a few of my favourites; the ones that inspire me to do bigger and better things in my business and the ones that make me feel less alone as I navigate my first year as a parent.

Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast

Have you listened to Frankie’s interview on Alexis Kingsbury’s Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast yet? On it she talks about juggling work and family, and how she has grown the DIFTK community. Plus she shares the one piece of advice she’d give to all creatives which was so brilliant I’ve written it on a post-it next to my bed.

Side Hustle School

Frankie also recommended the Chris Guillebeau podcast Side Hustle School, a short, 10-minute, daily show about finding ways to make more money alongside your ‘day job’, whatever that might be.

Dirty Mother Pukka

Anna Whitehouse aka ‘Mother Pukka’ is best known for her epic flexible working campaign and she now also hosts Dirty Mother Pukka, “a podcast for people who happen to be parents” featuring ‘Papa Pukka’ Matt and their pals. This is candid, bare bones stuff about the good, the bad and the grotty bits of parenting. Following the arrival of their second daughter in June they are extremely frank about those early days of motherhood in a way that feels like therapy to me and also has me sniggering away in the wee small hours.

Being Boss

This podcast for creative entrepreneurs and business owners is hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson — as branding / design / strategy business owners they really know their stuff. Being Boss episodes cover practical advice for your business like growing a community, expanding your team and launching new products. But they cover non-biz topics too like making the most of your weekend, avoiding comparison and tons of good emotional resilience stuff. They interview entrepreneurs you’ve heard of, as well as ones you haven’t, and each episode leaves me feeling motivated to get to work.

Ctrl Alt Del

Emma Gannon interviews creatives types about their work, life online and wonky career paths but also delves into topics like friendship, feminism, fear and focus. With plenty of real talk, success stories and lessons learned, Ctrl Alt Del reminds me that we really can achieve whatever we put our minds to and that there’s always space for new ideas.

The Longest Shortest Time

Hillary Frank hosts The Longest Shortest Time featuring stories about parenting in all its forms and by parents from all backgrounds – including loads of Dad interviews which I especially love! No topic is off the table and with episodes about mental health, gay parenting, difficult decisions and challenging situations this show is inspiring, funny, heartbreaking and uplifting all at once. I never feel alone when I’m listening to it.

Not By Accident

This documentary-style podcast by Sophie Harper chronicles her journey to becoming a single parent. Sophie began recording herself the day she peed on an ovulation stick back in 2012 and mixes real life recordings with a beautiful soundtrack to tell the story of her daughter Astrid’s arrival into the world. Not By Accident is so special and unique and inspires me to find new and creative ways to share my story and my work.

Letters To My Fanny

Cherry Healy’s podcast accompanies her fab book of the same name and on it she interviews women who are changing the world about how they get shit done and why they do it. Letters To My Fanny episodes cover pretty much every subject you can think of — I listen to this show whenever I need a kick up the bum!

The Slow Home Podcast

Whenever I need to chill the fuck out and stop living at 100mph, The Slow Home Podcast that brings me back down to earth. Hosted by Brooke McAlary, this is all about slowing our pace, changing things up and focusing on the stuff that feels really good. And isn’t that really what we’re aiming for here?

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